« The Story » began in 1996 in the hall of the old Biella Neher Factory in the city centre. Some of the greatest jazz musicians from all over the world graced the upper floor in the rooms of the legendary Take5, Biel’s once extraordinary Jazz Club. It had small and stylishly decorated rooms with different bars and a modest stage where artists and their music felt at home. Take5 offered the kind of jazz music and ambiance that Biel has never experienced since.

At the same time as the jazz concerts on the upper floor, the ground floor of the large factory hall was transformed into a dance palace. Perron8 brought in the first electronic, techno and house music beats, played in the basement, and for some of the DJ’s it was the start of their career. Also at the Biella Factory, new trends were introduced for many years. From rock, salsa and big techno events to the first hip-hop concerts – thousands of people never stopped dancing in the Biella rooms, filling them with life.  The Factory’s 4 venues halls holds a capacity of 2500 people per night.

Take5 had also introduced new trends. The jazz club had turned into one of the most famous and most popular house music clubs in Europe. It had become one of the most successful house music clubs, the favourite amongst house DJ’s from around the world and the secret underground venue of the house music fans from all over Switzerland. Take5 was also famous for its constantly changing interior, and Perron8 had managed to make its rooms shine with new details. Because of its style, world class DJ’s and large number of visitors, Take5 was comparable to the famous clubs in the UK, Ibiza or New York. It is therefore not surprising that in 1998 Take5 has been voted one of the top 10 Clubs world wide by DJ Magazine (UK).

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Saturday, NOV 10TH 2018
22.30h – 05:00h at Duo Club, Bienne

Line up: Dainskin, Aston Martinez, DJ Tonic, Satino, DJ Rocca and guests




The turntables artists

Masters at Work (Little-Louie Vega & Kenny-Dope-Gonzales), Tony Humphries, Erick -More- Morillo, David Morales, David Guetta, C.J. Mackintosh, Laurent Garnier, Mousse T, Jeff Mills, Boy George, Jazzy M., Mark Wilkinson, R.I.P., DJ Pippi, Allister Whitehead, Dave Ralph, Petros Floorfiller, The Constipated Monkeys, Harry ‘ChoCho’ Romero, Rob Acteson, Claudio Coccoluto, Problem Kids, Rocky Paul Jackson, Dave Chambers, Phat Phil Cooper, Phats & Small, The Lovely Helen, Charles Schillings, Frankie Feliciano, Kerri, 6:23 Kaoz’ Chandler, Colin Dale, Terry Hunter, Ricky Morrison, Tedd Patterson, Ralf, Basement Jaxx, Boris Dlugosch, Simon Dunmore, Joan Ribas, Dani König, Jamie Lewis, Tiefschwarz, Milk & Suger, Mr. Mike, Paulo Martini, Gianni Bini, DJ Aston Martinez, DJ David Piccioni, DJ Dainskin, DJ Tonic, DJ Rob Rob, DJ Mandrax, Cream Worldwide Tour, David “Vibes” Tobon, George Morel, Minus8, Antoine, Willie Graff, Masterstepz, DJ Paulette, Victor Simonelli, DJ Fabio Corvini, Franco Moiraghi, Knee Deep Brothers, Master. H., MC Jack de La Rue, Craig Bartlett, Mas Ricardo, Mike Levan, DJ Mushroom (Massive Attack), Gogo, Le Noir, Jon Cutler, Ministry of Sound World Tour, Lou Lamar, Dave Piccioni, Thierry Scordel, DJ Peran, Djaimin, L’un est l’autre, Ivan Iacobucci, Ralf Gum, Dennis Valentine, Marques Wyatt, Brian Tappert, Urban Blues Project, Mike Delgado, Matthias Heilbronn, Shaheer Williams, Seamus, DJ Vibe, DJ Dove, Grant Nelson, Joey Musaphia, Tommy Musto, Steve, Silk’ Hurley

and many more

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